What about affiliate marketing programs? Any good?

So, what about affiliate marketing programs? Are they really any good or should you stay clear for fear of being scammed or exploited?

Obviously, this depends on many different variables as there are definitely some scammers out there in cyberspace who will take your money and run, leaving you feeling frustrated and conned. However, there are also a lot of very excited people online who have genuinely changed their life through the power of affiliate marketing and have first-hand knowledge that they are willing to share if you ask them. Some of this advice costs money and some of it can be gained freely by researching and sifting through the chaff to find the wheat.

Be warned though!

There are many affiliate marketing programs out there today claiming success stories of people who have made thousands of pounds in weeks or achieved their lifetime goals in next to no time! I have no doubt that many of them are sincerely written and researched too. I regularly read information about affiliate marketing and programs so that I can help my readers (like you) to understand the many ways to make money online through online affiliate marketing. My number one tip is that there are no short cuts – affiliate marketing is a genuine business opportunity, like starting a shop or becoming a dress designer – it takes time and effort and the rewards are out there BUT you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset – you need to want to work at it: setting up your websites, creating content, learning the ropes. The online community is ever-changing. New things come in, some old things change or go out so there are always going to be new things to learn and explore to keep your business up to date and relevant.

So what are the best affiliate marketing programs?

Some of the most common affiliate marketing programs are listed below. They can cost you nothing and they range to memberships and marketing funnels that offer more and more value, the more you pay. Most however, offer a free start-up program which you can join to get your business up and running for the minimal outlay. Once you have seen what is on offer, then you can sign up for a paid membership which opens up more opportunities. Many of these programs include online training videos and online help via dedicated staff or a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to help new members by sharing knowledge.


Training programs – 4 of the best membership based programs

Click on the names to go to their websites to find out more.

Wealthy Affiliate

Six figure mentors


Clickbank university

If you don’t want to be drawn into a membership program then there is a myriad of books, DVDs and information that are available too. The books I’ve listed below are available on Amazon but if you want to start your business with absolutely minimal outlay, then I suggest a trip to your local library where some of the most popular books will be available for loan.

Click here to see book and DVD resources to help you start an affiliate marketing business.

Don’t flounder in the dark

Do your research properly. This is key. Researching a new business idea is essential and you should expect to do this, just like you would if you were opening a new high street restaurant. You cannot expect to get something for nothing. The websites that promise the world in only a few weeks are just too good to be true. And mostly they are over-exaggerating the profits or underestimating the amount of time you will need to spend, building this up. Remember the old adage – if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

The sites I’ve listed above are all good at acknowledging that you cannot succeed without effort, and most suggest some initial outlay in order to gain access to their knowledge and experience – but knowledge is power! Many people spend thousands to get a university degree nowadays, so I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect to invest in your own future if you are interested in affiliate marketing. It is a legitimate, online business that can have the rewards you are looking for in terms of running you life the way you want to, and giving you the freedom to do the things you want to do along the way.

My experience at Wealthy Affiliate

I have already written a review and my experience with this company which you can read here.

To sum it up though:

1. There’s a lot to learn – follow the training which is invaluable.


2. Content is king – creating a good website is essential

3. Ask for help from you mentors and communities.

Above all, enjoy what you do.

Wishing you all lots of success online.


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