Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Is a MUST: 4 Reasons Why

This post will explain 4 reasons why you should take out a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and why a premium membership is a MUST if you are truly serious about your business. .

The article is aimed mainly at a number of different readers:

1) People who are seriously interested in starting an online business and are looking for the best way to start

2) Wealthy Affiliate members who are on the starter membership and are considering upgrading to premium

3) Any members who have considered leaving because they have yet to see a return

4) Members who are thinking of using the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training to promote the company because it will lead you through the mindset shift to help you understand yourself and therefore your audience better.

So ask yourself – which category do your currently fall into?

Later in the article, I will go into the different features and benefits that you get with the different memberships, but first, I will discuss other important reasons why I believe that a premium membership is a must for serious entrepreneurs.

So why should you become (or stay) a premium member?

Reason no. 1:

To be successful, you need to think like a business owner, not an employee

One of the reasons that people discover Wealthy Affiliate in the first place is because they are looking for a way to increase their income. What that usually means for most people is that they consider that they do not have enough money now, so earning an income is their first priority and this becomes the point of initial scrutiny – they want to know how much they can earn and how quickly they can do it.

Many people are searching using keywords such as ‘online jobs’ or ‘make money online‘ and they need to do this quickly. In this situation, what people really need is an extra job where they are guaranteed to get a monetary return for the hours they put in.

But they may be in a position where taking on an extra ‘job’ is not possible. Family commitments, health and age can all restrict a person’s employment prospects and many people already spend most of their working week at another job.

The issue here is that people’s need to earn extra money is greater than the motive to create a sustainable online business. When this happens, you embark on the journey at Wealthy Affiliate with a number of constraining thoughts:

  1. You do everything in a state of semi-desperation: you need to monetize your site in the quickest possible time, so you perhaps skip a few important lessons and jump around chasing the money.
  2. What you really want to do is swap the time you spend working on your site, for a paycheck. So if you spend 10 hours on your business, you expect to see some kind of monetary reward for the time you’ve spent. By the time you’ve got to month 3, you feel disappointed and disillusioned because you haven’t received what you consider to be a fair exchange for the time spent.
  3. You spend a lot of your time on trivial things that don’t make you money such as looking at statistics, checking Google analytics data and wondering why all your work is not paying off;
  4. Sooner or later you become despondent. You realise that you have not met your need to ‘get more money now‘ so you assume (incorrectly) that either Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work, or it won’t work for you, until finally…..
  5. You QUIT!

The problem with this is that it is the mindset of a needy or desperate person rather than that of an online entrepreneur.

And I know, because when I started, I was that person!

This is the mindset of an employee rather than an entrepreneur. You spend most of your time focused on your LACK of money, rather than on creative ways to MAKE money.

In his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki talked about the difference between an employee’s mindset and that of an entrepreneur. He explained it using what he called, the ‘cashflow quadrant.

In the top left quadrant, an employee trades their time for money, and expects to be paid for the hours they work. The income is regular but is limited because the employee can only put in a certain number of hours per day or per week.

If we look at the top right quadrant, the employer/investor mindset we see a different situation. In this scenario, the employer is deliberately building assets rather than swapping their time for money. In fact, one of the common goals for this quadrant is for people to get to a place where income generated is independent of the time spent on the business.

Now these mindsets may appear similar but when you consider the WEALTH associated with the different mindsets, we can see an enormous difference – 5% of the people, have 95% of the wealth – and you can bet your bottom dollar that those 5% are not in the employee category!

It is my belief that at Wealthy Affiliate, new users need to cultivate an employer/investor mindset so that expectations of earnings and success are realistic and achievable. There are many people at WA making a 5-figure income and more, but these are the ones with the right mindset from the off. .

You must not think of your work at Wealthy Affiliate as a job. You MUST think of it as a LONG-TERM BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

If you think like this, then premium membership then becomes a must because you realise the importance of creating assets and wealth rather than focus on earning an income.

Reason no. 2:

Think investment rather than income

Following on from reason number 1, and clearly related to it, is reason number 2.

To ensure Wealthy Affiliate works for you, you need to think long-term – or at least, longer-term. Ideally, you will consider any money spent on membership, not as a LIABILITY, but as an INVESTMENT!

It is possible to start at WA with no money, yes. You can ‘earn as you learn’ as a starter member – many people do – but it will take you longer and you will need to work harder than if you invested a little in yourself and your business and became a premium member.

The real problem with staying a long-term starter member is that if you are still you are still in the mindset of and employee and NOT considering your time and money spent here as an investment, towards a longer-term goal.

Ask yourself this: If you approached your WA business as a one-year investment project, setting yourself a budget and schedule accordingly, how different would your expectations be?

If I enrolled at a college or university, I would clearly not expect to have learned everything in month one, and be awarded by degree in month 2. I would manage my expectations more realistically and expect to study for 3 years and get my degree at the end.

The same is true of an online business.

If I started a traditional high-street business (for example, a retail shop or cafe), I would not expect to sell everything n the first month. I would draw up a schedule for a period of time (usually between 1 – 3 years) and expect to sell my stock gradually over this time. I would be realistic in my expectations about when I would make a profit.

I would expect to have to INVEST in my business and would draw up a budget. This would include things like paying for stock in the shop, staff cost and insurance, advertising etc. I would make some assumptions about things based on research and realise that my investment would pay for itself sometime in the future!

So how would your mindset and expectations shift if I suggested that you commit to, and sign up for at least one year at Wealthy Affiliate?

How would your expectations and mindset shift?

If we took up this challenge, what would the costs for our online business be?.

  • $8 for the first month as a premium member (discounted)
  • $49 per month for subsequent months (2 -12)
  • $32 to buy 2 of your own domains to support your investment

Total outlay for your first year in business = $579

This is where I have to pause for a moment and ask you “where else could you start a business for that little money?”

I live in the UK and they advertise local market stall for £49 for one per week. And that is without buying and stock to sell.

$579 is a minuscule amount to set up a business!

Even better – if you paid for the annual membership instead of monthly, the cost would be only $34 making your total annual cost less than $400. And deals around Black Friday are even better!

Many people who start a traditional ‘real world’ business could spend that amount just for printing their headed paper and compliment slips!!

Can you see how changing your thinking about your business, starts to change your expectations?

The real question you need to ask yourself is this:

Can I make more than $579 in my first year at Wealthy Affiliate?


if you implement the actions recommended in the training, have patience and dedication and stick with it.

But if you are still not thinking of this like an investment, then the thing you get are stuck with is worrying about where you can get the $49 monthly premium membership fee instead. It’s a THINKING shift that is needed, not a monetary one.

And remember, when I started, I was that person too. But I realised that this way of thinking was holding me back.

I realised that when I committed to finding the money to invest in myself rather than expecting to earn it, everything changed. I saved up and paid for an annual membership. And in that moment, my focus shifted because I knew then that I had one year to work on my business and get into profit. I was no longer concerned primarily with earning money, but building up assets (my website) instead.

And in answer to the question: “Yes, I have already made over half of that annual investment sum back in only 7 months.”

More importantly, (and here’s the really important point) – my income for the first 4 months was zero! I only started to earn anything in month 5. But if I had become disillusioned and quit in month 3, then my earnings would have been zero.

What did I do to save up the money – I took on a one hour a week extra tutoring job -which did the trick. I found the solution outside of WA because I knew this was what I wanted to do long term.

You could save up in many different ways; give up take-away coffees, make a packed lunch instead of buying food on the go, switch from branded goods to supermarket brands. There are many ways to save up this money.

The question is, are you willing to view it as an investment and make the mindset shift needed?

The benefit now was that I stopped hoping WA would pay mean income in the initial months and I gave up worrying if they money didn’t flow in because I understood that it is long-term investment rather than a get-rich-quick scheme.

Tony Robbins, the great motivational speaker and entrepreneur once said that in order to change your life, you need to first make the DECISION and then TAKE ACTION to make your goal happen. I believe he is right.

When you DECIDE you will want to invest the money, you will find a way to do it. And if you are one of those people who need to earn the money online first, then click here for some ideas on how you can do that too.

Reason no. 3:

Your rewards are there – just trust and give it time

Again, reason 2, is related to reason 3.

Building an online business as a long-term process. It works.

People become rich. Some people become millionaires and many people get that laptop lifestyle and financial freedom we are all searching for.

But you need to think long-term or at the very least, medium-term in order to accept this. Many search engines like Google, only really begin to look seriously at new sites after about 6 months of consistent content generation. This is when you prove that you are a legitimate site and your posts are worth ranking.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some great stories to inspire you.

How long does it take to make money at WA?

7 years of WA success stories

Reason no. 4:

You get much more for your money with a premium membership!

I said at the start of this article, that my main argument is about changing the ‘free-starter’ mindset so that you can invest in your business by buying a premium membership which I believe will give you many advantages over the starter membership.

If we now take that as a given, when you look at the list of additional features and benefits you can get with a premium membership, you can begin to see these as the icing on the cake.

The benefits are many:

Can you now see these as the tools you need to invest in to move your business from where it is now, to where you dream it can be?

And isn’t that the reason you joined in the first place? Because you have a desire for something better in your life?

When you invest in your business and yourself, you can relax and see yourself as a BUSINESS OWNER. Your insecurity and panic of being a desperate job seeker vanishes and you will be in a better position to drive your business towards success.

You should be aware that once you upgrade to premium, you CANNOT then downgrade to starter membership again. But then again, “why would you want to when you have seen all the benefits that premium membership offers?”

What you CAN do if you really need to, is cancel your premium membership and restart your premium membership at any time. You will then be able to pick up where you left off. For more information on this, click here.

So finally…

Give up trying to substantially increase your income in a few short weeks at WA.

Give up trying to mend any financial problems you may have by using WA in that time too – if you need to do this – go out and get a job or find an ‘online job’ as mentioned above, rather than an online business – at least in the short term.

What you CAN DEFINITELY do at WA is to start to build a sustainable online business, which will take time to become established, but will ultimately lead you to have much more autonomy, freedom and financial success in the mid-long-term.

So here it is – my call to action:

Affiliate disclaimer: If you chose to go premium, some people may earn a small commission from the sale. But these will be the wonderful people who you have no doubt met so far in your journey at WA anyway. These are the people who are cheering you on, helping you with questions and generally supporting you as you build your business.

And eventually, when you build your business and get your own referrals, I know you will benefit from the small commissions yourself.

Wishing everyone all the best with your online businesses.

I’d love to hear your comments on this, so please do leave them below.

Here’s to your amazing success!



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  1. I found myself nodding all throughout this article. Yes, yes, yes! I was that person you mentioned first. The desperate-to-make-a-buck and why-am-I-not-getting-paid-for-my-efforts? I see it so often now with others too.

    You hit the nail on the head though. This is an investment into your future. Gotta think long-term. It will pay off. But you have to be persistent and patient.

    Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to learn about this business. I am so happy I came back and came back with the right attitude this time. Premium is a very, very wise choice for those with the right attitude.

    What would you say is your favorite thing about being a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Christina. Thank you for your comment and I’m glad I’m not the only one to have started out as that desperate person! Very glad too that you made the switch into the longer-term thinking which is really where you can begin to build your business and reap the rewards. In answer to your question, one of my favourite things about being a premium member (there are many) is the ability to interact directly with so many like-minded people. It is such a positive place to hang out that I find myself withdrawing from some of my traditional places in favour or Wealthy Affiliate because I don’t have to constantly explain myself or my aspirations. At WA, people understand what you are trying to do and why – and they support it 100%. I find that invaluable.

  2. I have been using this platform for a few years now, and can say that what you have written is 100% true. The upgrade is SO worth it. I make my investment back EVERY month, because of what they teach. Money is SO easy to make if you just follow the system that Kyle And Carson teach. Thanks for sharing this with the world. There are to many scams out there, and this university is a no brainer hands down 🙂

    1. Thanks AJ. I think that people who use wealthy affiliate are all on the same page when it comes to appreciating the amazing tools and training that we get. It is second to none and so worth the small amount of investment. Glad to hear that you are making a profit with your sites and long may that continue. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day. Gail

  3. Hi Gail! Your post really resonated with me because I felt much like you did in the first few months as well. I even still sometimes get a little down because I’m not raking in the benjamins..yet!
    I found Wealthy affiliate after doing the keyword searches you mentioned above desperately looking for other “easier” ways to make money. I work full time and at the time my pay was pretty much maxed out for my job. I’ve come to the mindset now that I want to do this for the long haul. I had google adsense scattered across my website and for me personally, it just didn’t look good. That’s been pretty much the only revenue I’ve seen and I’ve even removed that from my site. I decided to switch my focus from making money to making great content. And now, I really enjoy putting in that time because it shows in what I produce. The money will come later. That’s another important point to note as well. Make sure your niche is something that you enjoy doing, or talking about, or promoting. It makes it so much easier and pleasant to do! Thanks for the encouragement and positivity!

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for your comment and I’m glad that the post resonated with you in some way. I was that person too when I first started but soon learned to change my thoughts and everything shifted. I love your attitude about making great content. All will flow in time I’m certain and the fact that you love what you do makes it all the more worthwhile. Good things will come to those who are enjoying their life and appreciating the things they have. I also wrote a post about some of the unexpected benefits of wealthy affiliate too that you might be interested in. You can see it here: Thanks for reading and all the best for your own business. Gail

  4. Really cant imagine there is any place or anything else that offers what wealthy affiliate offers you. The classrooms, the tools, and most importantly the community makes it a place where anybody can thrive. Cannot reccommend it enough.

    1. Hi Brandon. I totally agree with you. Once you experience it for yourself, it is very difficult as you say, to imagine where else you can get such overwhelming support and excellent training. There are always people out there though who will not be able to see it, but those are generally the ones who are still looking for a ‘job’. All the best to you and your business and thank you for reading. Gail

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