How to start an online business for free: the Wealthy Affiliate Way

How to start and online business for free: the Wealthy Affiliate way. What do you dream of? More money, greater freedom, more free time? I know I do. And I thought I knew how to get them. I’d seen the adverts on the internet promising a wonderful ‘laptop lifestyle’. They’re all over YouTube and Google Ads. And as soon as you click on one, then every time you shop for some new shoes or a new pillow, you see more and more people offering you the “way” into your dream. Many people dream of owning their own online business because

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Best Black Friday Deals – Wealthy Affiliate Annual ‘Go Yearly’ Sale

Black Friday 2017 is almost here and so is the Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Premium offer. This represents nearly a 50% saving on the usual $49 per month for premium membership which is already a fantastic deal in itself! So what do you get with this fantastic deal? Your own online business from the best affiliate training company – trusted, proven and accessible to anyone, anywhere with a computer and an internet connection Expert advice from the world’s leading affiliate marketeers to help build your online business from scratch Training to become a great Web Designer and Developer yourself

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What is blogging about? 10 frequently asked questions

What is blogging about? – 10 frequently asked questions 1. What is a blog? A blog is an online web log (or weblog) which over time became shortened to ‘blog’. It is an online journal or diary that people write in order to tell others about their life or hobbies. Many businesses and individuals use blogs to engage people with their website. Blogs tend to be up-to-date or relevant, contemporary pieces about a particular topic that is more like reading a newspaper article than an encyclopaedia. That is not to say that they are not factual but they tend to

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What is Wealthy Affiliate about: a scam or what? A review for 2018

What is Wealthy Affiliate about: a scam or what? This is the question I asked myself a while back when I was looking to start a legitimate online business. I am cautious of get-rich-quick schemes and monthly programs where you have to pay lots up front, or there’s a carrot and then another one, then another – all of which come at an additional cost.  Or those training programs where you have to wait months and spend lots of money to get the information you really need to succeed. You are most probably in that boat too if you are

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