How to build your own website for free

How to build your own website for free

There are many programs out there for building your own website and there are many website hosting sites.

I have tried a few over the years and built different websites with varying degrees of success. Some were just information sites, some were more selling sites, but one think I learned very early on was that there’s no point in building an amazing website if no one ever visits it.

Building the site in the first place is actually quite easy especially if you are used to working with computers and can operate things like Word or PowerPoint.

However, the BIG QUESTION is: how do you then get people to view your site?

Some things I have learned:

  1. There are many different ways and driving traffic to your site is not a simple matter of emailing your friends on social media. Of course that may bring in few, but the aim is ‘for the many, not the few’ to quote a Star Trek line.
  2. A systematic approach is essential – randomly blogging without any purpose can be like firing arrows into a wood without any target – they usually hit nothing of value and often get lost amongst the trees.
  3. Knowledge is paramount – knowing what Google Analytics does and how social media can block links is important if your site is to progress. And these are just a few of the things you need to learn if you want to make a successful site.
  4. It’s useful to have people to ask for help – so many site building platforms are great if you can operate the software, but what happens if you get stuck – do they really offer help and support from real people?
  5. Knowing how to monetise your site is vital. It may be from advertising, affiliate marketing or selling your own goods and services but if the money is not flowing in, then your time is being wasted.

So what do I use?

I have built several websites now using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, siteRubix.  And I find it has been both a pleasurable and profitable experience, not only in terms of traffic, but in terms of turning that traffic into money.

The Wealthy Affiliate benefits include:

  1. You can join for free and create up to 2 free websites; you can pay a monthly fee for premium membership but that is not compulsory or necessary to get you started.
  2. The approach and knowledge you gain is second to none: clear steps and a laid out action plan to follow to keep you on track.
  3. Thousands of different themes to choose from: perfect for different niches whether they are business, personal or purely for pleasure.
  4. A community of like-minded individuals who will help you out for nothing – you just need to ask. Any questions I have asked have been answered promptly and with great advice, 24/7. There is a community of people across the globe ready and willing to help and give their expertise – they’ve done it and are more than wiling to share their success.
  5. Proven success – many others have gone before you and have experienced the freedom and exhilaration of doing what they love.

If you want to know more about how to create your own website for free, then click here or on the banner below. There is no obligation and you won’t be spammed or hounded. But you could just create your own website and start your own online business.  What have you got to lose except your fear?

How to create your own free website?

Step 1 – take some action and click here!

If you’d like to view the website I’ve built about the law of attraction and getting what you want in life, click here.


  1. Totally agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform and with all the tools that they provide and and the endless amounts of training, you can’t help but succeed if you apply what you learn. Thanks for the post.

  2. I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. And it’s not just because I’m a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member like yourself.

    One of things I really like is the online tech support and the hosting provided. These are just a couple of things that are included with being a premium member, and the premium membership fee isn’t that bad at all.

    The online tech support team are very quick to respond and they do more than your typical hosting platform support team. And the premium membership allows you to create up to 50 websites – Wow! That’s a lot of websites.

    Of course, getting 50 websites is not an easy fast, but for that many, the deal is worth it.

    Gluck with your journey in Wealthy Affiliate. All the best to you!

    1. Thanks Marco. I with you on all that. I actually have 3 websites that I’m working on now so it’s keeping me busy! Good luck to you too. Gail

  3. I enjoyed reading this post about Wealthy Affiliate and what Site Rubix can do. I have some experience with Site Rubix and I found it to be amazing that by using this platform a WordPress website can be built in just a few minutes.
    Other things that Site Rubix does is to provide performance reports on the website such as Google ranking, Google trust, and much more. Overall, Site Rubix provides a report on the health of a website. This is a huge help to website owners. I have never found any other affiliate program that gives this kind of help to its members.

    1. Thanks for your insight Valerie. I do love the stats actually yes, thank you for reminding me. There’s so much here that I sometimes forget. Have a great day. Gail

    1. Thanks Maurice. The training is great. Being the kind of person I am, I think I could probably have learned a lot of this online through videos, other training etc, but I’m sure it would have taken a lot more searching and sifting through to find everything – and after all, why reinvent the wheel? Thanks for reading this and leaving a comment.

  4. Hi Gail;
    This site is very well written. I happen to be here for about 7 months now, and am trying my hardest to come up with something like your site. I definitely agree that WA is the best out there. Enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best in the future.


    1. Hi Bill. Thank you so much for visiting the site and for leaving your kind comments. I’m glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate and that you have started your own website as a result. It really is an easy way to create a business and a wonderful and exciting one at that. I actually went through a few themes before settling on this one and even now I still think that my website is more a ‘work in progress’ that I can change and update as and when it is appropriate so it’s OK to experiment at bit at first. All the best with your site and feel free to come back often. Kind regards Gail

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