What is Low-Hanging Fruit Keyword SEO? Beginner Questions and Answers

What is Low-Hanging Fruit Keyword SEO? As a content marketer you will hear a lot about different ways to drive traffic to your site. It is imperative if you want to start monetising your site and reaping a monetary reward for your efforts. Some of the ways can be confusing and can take a long time to master, such as using tags, meta tags, image SEO and back links. Others are just very time-consuming for seemingly little reward, at least in the short term. One of the things that you MUST master as a content marketer however, is the use

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How to reuse content and ideas efficiently

Many bloggers write great content and want to know how to reuse content so that their ideas can be seen by the most people. A long time ago, I went on a course for all things business ….(I’ve been on a few courses in my time), and I remember the speakers telling me that you should always have at least 3 prepared pitches for any project you are trying to get off the ground. These were: 1. The COMPLETE DETAILED IDEA – this would be written out in full, with every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed: advantages and disadvantages

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