Safer Internet Day 2019 – 6 ways to get involved and keep your children safe online

On Tuesday February 5th, 2019, many hundreds of organisations, colleges, schools and businesses will take part in this year’s “Safer Internet Day” with the aim of both celebrating all that is good about the internet whilst raising awareness of the potential risks that this global phenomenon poses, especially to our young people. Safer Internet Day will promote the positive, safe and responsible use of the internet for children and young people as will include other digital technologies that they have access to as well including gaming devices, tablets and smartphones. Here we look at what Safer Internet Day is, and

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How to reuse content and ideas efficiently

Many bloggers write great content and want to know how to reuse content so that their ideas can be seen by the most people. A long time ago, I went on a course for all things business ….(I’ve been on a few courses in my time), and I remember the speakers telling me that you should always have at least 3 prepared pitches for any project you are trying to get off the ground. These were: 1. The COMPLETE DETAILED IDEA – this would be written out in full, with every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed: advantages and disadvantages

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Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks: Daily Task Checklist

Becoming an affiliate marketer is an exciting time and I’m sure you will have a lot of great times as you learn your trade and apply the knowledge you have learned to build up a successful online business. Looking online for affiliate marketing tips and tricks helped me enormously.  One thing that most newbie website owners want to know is how to use their precious time effectively. There is a lot to learn and adding content to your site has to be one of the most important things that you can do in order to build up trust with the

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How to build your own website for free

How to build your own website for free There are many programs out there for building your own website and there are many website hosting sites. I have tried a few over the years and built different websites with varying degrees of success. Some were just information sites, some were more selling sites, but one think I learned very early on was that there’s no point in building an amazing website if no one ever visits it. Building the site in the first place is actually quite easy especially if you are used to working with computers and can operate things

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