What is blogging about? 10 frequently asked questions

What is blogging about? – 10 frequently asked questions 1. What is a blog? A blog is an online web log (or weblog) which over time became shortened to ‘blog’. It is an online journal or diary that people write in order to tell others about their life or hobbies. Many businesses and individuals use blogs to engage people with their website. Blogs tend to be up-to-date or relevant, contemporary pieces about a particular topic that is more like reading a newspaper article than an encyclopaedia. That is not to say that they are not factual but they tend to

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What about affiliate marketing programs? Any good?

So, what about affiliate marketing programs? Are they really any good or should you stay clear for fear of being scammed or exploited? Obviously, this depends on many different variables as there are definitely some scammers out there in cyberspace who will take your money and run, leaving you feeling frustrated and conned. However, there are also a lot of very excited people online who have genuinely changed their life through the power of affiliate marketing and have first-hand knowledge that they are willing to share if you ask them. Some of this advice costs money and some of it

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The best online business ideas for 2018

What are the best online business ideas for 2018? This is a question I asked myself at the start of the year. I had been looking around for different online businesses for a few months and had dabbled in affiliate marketing a few years ago and got my fingers burned. But everywhere I look I see changes in the way people do business: well-known high street stores going out of business my local town becoming like a ghost town as traditional shops close down and move online the local jobs market changing computer and artificial intelligence taking over many traditionally

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