What about affiliate marketing programs? Any good?

So, what about affiliate marketing programs? Are they really any good or should you stay clear for fear of being scammed or exploited? Obviously, this depends on many different variables as there are definitely some scammers out there in cyberspace who will take your money and run, leaving you feeling frustrated and conned. However, there are also a lot of very excited people online who have genuinely changed their life through the power of affiliate marketing and have first-hand knowledge that they are willing to share if you ask them. Some of this advice costs money and some of it

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How to improve your writing skills

How to improve your English writing skills I absolutely love blogging and writing. It is one of the main reasons I opted to become an online blogger. I have always written a variety of different things: poems, plays and training information for other people’s websites, so it has not been too difficult to put pen to paper for me (or fingers to keyboard as it nowadays is!)  However, I also understand that there are many people out there who would love to write a blog but who feel that they are not a writer. So for those of you starting

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About me

Hello and welcome to my website which I hope you will find useful and inspiring. I have many roles in life: teacher, business owner, mother, blogger, daughter and many others to boot and the role I adopt changes as I go through my daily life. Primarily however, I see myself as someone whose purpose is to help others through my words, actions and deeds. I am a writer and work part-time as a teacher of performing arts and film studies and am interested in all things to do with writing, performing arts, the Internet, film, music, theatre and well, to

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