How to write a product review: 4 golden rules and a template

We all like to get other people’s opinions before we buy something. We like to know what other people thought of it and how well it was suited to the purpose. Whether it is asking what a shop assistant thinks, or seeking the opinion of your friends, we all like to read or hear reviews from people we trust. That’s why product reviews can help online and affiliate marketers in their business. But remember that you are not in the business of selling products (not with product reviews anyway), but you are in the business of helping people. There is

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Ways to improve time management: the urgent or important matrix

How do you decide what to do with your day? Do you make a list and start at the top? Do you stumble from one crisis to the next and feel that you are always fighting fires? Do you just sit around staring at the piles of paperwork building up on your desk? Or do you need some ways to improve your time managment? Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks in a year. So how do some people manage to get so much more done than others? Is it because

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Death of retail stores: the high street in decline

In recent months we have, in the UK, had a number of very prominent high street stores announce they will be closing shops and restructuring their business. In addition, several well-known retailers have either called in the receivers or have announced they are actively seeking a solution to their ongoing financial problems. Is this marking the death of retail stores as our high streets go into decline? A look at recent newspaper headlines spells out the doom in no uncertain terms: As a nation of shopkeepers, what is happening in our British High Streets, and what does this mean for

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How to write for blogs: Top 10 tips for beginners

So you want to be a blogger? That’s fantastic. Maybe you’ve just started an online business or are looking into ways to do this for the first time. If that’s you, then you are definitely in the right place. Whatever you want to write about, you need to know how to write your blogs so that they will attract attention and get readers. After all, what’s the use of having some wonderful ideas that you want to share with the world, if you get stuck at the first hurdle: writing?! Many people who start their online business do not consider

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Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Is a MUST: 4 Reasons Why

This post will explain 4 reasons why you should take out a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and why a premium membership is a MUST if you are truly serious about your business. . The article is aimed mainly at a number of different readers: 1) People who are seriously interested in starting an online business and are looking for the best way to start 2) Wealthy Affiliate members who are on the starter membership and are considering upgrading to premium 3) Any members who have considered leaving because they have yet to see a return 4) Members who are

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