How to stay motivated today – focus on your WHY

There is often a very fine line between success and failure and it is usually called ”motivation”. A wobbly in your motivation can lead to you not taking the actions you need to do to be successful, procrastination and becoming distracted by other things. Motivation is much more than just setting goals. Goal setting is often the easiest part, but maintaining your motivation by staying focused on the goals and finding ways to work towards your goal every day can be more difficult. Motivation kick-starts you, but it is also the vital element that sustains you on the way to

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How to be successful at affiliate marketing: top 10 things you need

If you have ever wondered what you need to be successful at affiliate marketing then read on. Obviously you need the practical tools of a computer and an internet connection, but after that, here are my top 10 things I think you need to improve your chance of being a successful online entrepreneur. 1. EFFORT. I honestly believe that you can’t sow tomatoes and expect to grown sunflowers! What you put into something is closely related to what you get out of it and affiliate marketing is not different. There will be a correlation between the effort your put into

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